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Graphic Designer Hotkey Desk Mat For Mac - Black Shortcut Desk Mat

Graphic Designer Hotkey Desk Mat For Mac - Black Shortcut Desk Mat

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Introducing the ultimate productivity tool for graphic designers using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign on a Mac: The Graphic Designer's Essential Desk Mat for Mac. This innovative desk accessory is designed to streamline your workflow, boost your creativity, and help you master your favorite Adobe Creative Suite applications on your Mac.

Featuring a comprehensive collection of keyboard shortcuts, tool icons, and essential tips specifically tailored for Mac users, this desk mat is your go-to reference for navigating the complex world of graphic design. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this desk mat will help you work smarter, not harder, and bring your creative vision to life.

Key features:

  1. Optimized for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign on Mac
  2. Includes Mac-specific keyboard shortcuts for each application, saving you time and effort
  3. Features tool icons and descriptions to help you quickly identify and select the right tool for the job
  4. Provides essential tips and tricks for mastering advanced techniques and achieving professional-quality results on your Mac
  5. Offers a convenient reference for color codes, typography terms, and design principles
  6. Helps you stay organized and focused with a clear, easy-to-read layout

Printed on high-quality, durable material, this desk mat is built to withstand daily use and keep you inspired for months to come. Its non-slip backing ensures a stable work surface, while its sleek design adds a touch of style to your Mac-based workspace.

Whether you're working on a complex illustration, editing a high-resolution photo, or laying out a multi-page document, the Graphic Designer's Essential Desk Mat for Mac is your secret weapon for success. It's the perfect tool for any Mac-based graphic designer looking to optimize their workflow, expand their skill set, and create stunning visual content.

Don't settle for a cluttered, uninspired workspace – elevate your design game with the Graphic Designer's Essential Desk Mat for Mac. Order yours today and start creating your best work yet on your favorite Apple device!


With its large size and quality edge stitching, this 'gaming' mouse pad turns your gaming setup into a professional gaming station ready for Dota, CSGO, and more. Don't worry about jerky mouse movements again, as the underlayer features a reliable non-slip surface that keeps the entire mat firmly rooted to your table.

• 100% polyester
• Rubber non-slip base
• Sizes: 36″ × 18″ (91.4 cm × 45.7 cm), 18″ × 16″ (45.8 cm × 40.7 cm)
• Vibrant prints, long-lasting
• High-quality edge stitching that doesn't peel
• Non-slip surface
• Rounded edges

Size guide

  WIDTH (inches) HEIGHT (inches) THICKNESS (inches)
36″×18″ 18 36
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