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GSD Apparel - Get Shit Done Clothing And Gear

The Get Shit Done Monthly Planner

The Get Shit Done Monthly Planner

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Get more done.  Hit your goals.  Level up your life...  It's a tall order but this planner will smack you in the ass and help you get shit done - one month at a time.

1% Better Every Single Day

There's a code that we live by...  Be 1% Better Every Single Day.  It's a simple reminder that a small change in the trajectory of your life amounts to a HUGE turnaround in the weeks, months, and years that you have yet to live.

The Get Shit Done Planner reveals the simple, actionable formula for upgrading your business and your life monthly.  

Inside its pages, you'll discover a simple sequence of steps that will deliver you to the doorstep of your dreams, whatever those dreams may be.

  • Discover how to turn your BIG visions and dreams into reality by turning them into concrete, daily actions...
  • Find out how to permanently and forever alter your habits and routines, which step you into the lifestyle of your dreams!
  • Find out how to get to know yourself, at your core, so you can make decisions and goals based on your own, unique path...
  • How to successfully and consistently set and achieve goals (this little technique makes it so easy that your goals almost complete themselves!)
  • Why 'Redefining Routines' is so important to your own life and how you can use it to ALWAYS feel powerful and successful...  Which carries you through the difficult and more challenging times.
  • How to breakdown seemingly impossible tasks and projects into small, actionable action lists that GET DONE! No more putting your LIFE off!
  • How to combat shiny object syndrome by focusing on your own, true objectives...  Objectives that will move you toward your goals, and find success with what you ALREADY have!
  • Find out how to work with others more effectively, helping them share your vision so that you can all row in the same direction!
  • Plus SO, SO much more!
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